Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh, Shi(f)t! or ... Why PSC is not all bad

I can't get over this quote from a book called Oh, Shi(f)t! by life coach Jennifer Powers ...

"The things that happen aren't happening to you, for you or against you. They are just happening. You are not here to control what happens. Your job is to control how you react to what happens. The way you react to everything that happens will determine how your life unfolds from that point on."

I think this is so relevant to all those who are facing the overwhelming trial of waiting for a liver transplant. Carl and I know first hand that getting a diagnosis of liver disease (and dealing with the physical pain and exhaustion that go along with it) is devastating. But, here's the thing -- you can either choose to throw a pity party or you can choose to embrace the challenge. Feeling sorry for yourself and looking at all the negative aspects of the situation won't help!

Never in a million years would I change our story. Yes, it was a very difficult time. But Carl and I decided early on that we were going to be thankful and positive despite our circumstances. Now, we can look back and plainly see that his battle with PSC was actually a really good thing. If you decide to react to your situation in a downtrodden manner, well, I can pretty much guarantee that the whole experience is going to be a lot more difficult than it would otherwise!

PSC is not happening to you, for your or against you. It is just happening. React positively. Figure out how you can learn and grow from the situation. Be thankful. Continue to live your life to the fullest to the best of your ability. And most of all, don't feel sorry for yourself! Before you know it, the pain will be a thing of the past.


Unknown said...

Hi Dawn & Carl - Just found your blog! I received the gift of a Liver Transplant on June 30th, 2011 and just got home from the hospital a few days ago. Just a note to thank you for sharing your experience. Maybe we'll meet someday - I live in Portland also and had surgery at OHSU/VA hospital.

Jennifer said...

Just found your blog. My dad has PSC and is in late stages of liver failure. We is inunsured but we are trying fix that. Anyhow...I am glad to find your blog. It'll give us some idea of what is to come.
~Jen Flake, AZ

Barrretts said...

Hi! It's me again! I put a link to your blog on my dad's liver transplant blog. I hope that is okay. Let me know if it's not!

Amanda said...

Hey Dawn and Carl, we just got word on Thursday that Chris' score is a 25 and he is now at the top of the list. He is tied with another person right now at the very top. We were told to start preparing because they think it will happen within 30-60 days. Looks like the second surgery to take down the ostomy bag and reattach will need to hold off., spending the weekend re-reading your blog. I know you had so many helpful tips on how to prepare and get ready, also great ideas on what I can wear and bring with me. So glad I can read about how you prepared, I know you have walked in my shows before. God bless you, Carl and your sweet baby!! I'm off to read your blog word for word :)

Dr Clark said...

Wonderful !!!
In my opinion the thinking is the biggest issue it all depends on your thinking and standards!!