Thursday, June 30, 2011

An update: My new project + a cool Facebook page for the liver transplant community

Hi everyone! I promise I haven't given up on this blog. As you know from my last post (way back when, on March 25th!), Carl and I are expecting a baby! She's a girl, due October 23rd!

After I became pregnant, I started a new blog called The Paleo Baby. The project is taking up a lot of my time (I'm loving it, though), and I'm still trying to figure out how to make time for two blogs. I'll get there, eventually. This blog is still very important to me, as are all of my readers.

And speaking of readers, I received a comment the other day asking whether we have any updates. I'm happy to report that everything is still going along very smoothly for Carl! His four-year transplant anniversary is coming up in five weeks (four years -- I can hardly believe it!).

Anyway, I guess that is it for now! I'll be back with more posts in the near future. Meanwhile, let me direct you to a transplant-related Facebook page: Transplanting Hope. It is a great resource for those who have had transplants or are on the waiting list. The page was started by Derek Kovick, a former PSCer and two-time liver recipient from the Seattle area. Just like me and Carl, Derek is passionate about the cause. I hope you'll stop by and "like" his FB page!

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vickys2133 said...

It's so nice to see an ultrasound & it NOT being something negative! Congrats! I have a 10 yr old, just turned 10 on the 1st of July, and I want another so bad, but I feel like I'm so far away from getting this transplant, I don't know. My stomache feels extremely bloated, it's effecting my breathing, since I also have Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, it is really bad to have this when you are a Cirrhotic. Congrats!